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Friday is one of the Important day of the Week. We have gathered 100+ Happy Friday quotes with HD and Downloadable images.

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If you’re among the majority of people who love Fridays, the following Friday quotes are for you. This Happy Friday quote collection will help you reflect on an amazing week and help you start your weekend in the right mood.

Happy Friday Quotes

1. Friday has finally arrived.

2. Have a wonderful Friday.

3. A day of happiness is a day of happiness. That’s why it’s called ‘Friday’.

4. I would kiss Friday if it had a face.

6. I’m ready for Friday, move out of my way Thursday.

7. To everyone I know: It’s Friday, so until I sober up I will not be doing any work-related activities.

8. Have a wonderful day filled with joy and happiness. Happy Friday!

9. Every Friday, I reward myself for working so hard during the week by adding to my closet.

10. The word Friday is my second favorite. My first favorite is food, definitely food.

Happy Friday Quotes
Word Friday is my Favorite
happy friday quotes

11. What is the point of Thursday’s happy hour when Friday is right around the corner?

12. “Dear Friday, I’m looking forward to all of the adventures the weekend will bring.”

13. It has been a while since I was so excited about Friday.

14. Hey, it’s Friday again. I really needed you on Wednesday. Where were you?

15. The focus of attention would always be on Friday if it was a person.

16. I’m leaving for the weekend on Friday. What a great feeling.

17. Good morning! It’s Friday! This weekend I will be ashamed of what I do.

18. A sudden burst of giggles and random outbursts can only mean one thing: it’s Friday!

19. Today or tomorrow? Is that you? It has been a long time since you returned.

20. Monday could disappear and I wouldn’t cry, but Friday, you are too dear to me to ever separate from me.

21. Don’t let yesterday be jealous of today.

22. What do you do when it’s Friday? Take a look around you as everyone counts down the seconds to the weekend.

23. There is nothing better than a Friday afternoon.

24. I have been looking for you since Monday.

25. It is the perfect day for happiness today.

26. You can’t keep your eyes off Friday when she walks into the room like a bombshell.

27. This is the perfect day to add to your already blessed life some more wonderful memories! Enjoy your weekend.

28. A smile is a curve that makes everything right. Happy Friday!

29. Tomorrow. It’s the golden child of the weekdays. It’s the superhero of the week. Welcoming the weekend.

30. Every day should be Friday; it marks the beginning of a week with two days off from work.

31. Thursday doesn’t even count as a day; it’s just blocking Friday.

32. The most complaints seem to occur on Mondays and the least on Fridays.

33. It is only Friday the 13th that is a bad day, and I would rather have it than any Monday.

34. Don’t let Monday sneak up on you. Enjoy your day doing what you love.

35. Weekends are a little like rainbows; they look good from a distance, but fade away when you get closer.

36. Monday isn’t so important to me, but Friday is priceless.

37. Have a great Friday, everyone! May your weekend be full of adventure and cheer, and may next week seem far away.

38. Wishing you all a Happy Friday and forget all the bad things, your problems, and the drama others have brought into your life. Looking forward to a wonderful weekend ahead.

39. I wish it was Friday so that I could enjoy the weekend to its fullest.

40. Have a smile! Today is Friday and it’s time to party the weekend away.

Happy Friday Quotes

Happy Friday Quotes Images

As each Friday passes, may God bless you more and more.

as Each friday passes, May GOD Bless you more
Happy Friday Quotes
Every Friday i reward myself for working
Every Friday i reward myself for working

Friday has finally arrived.

Friday has arrived
Friday has arrived
friday is right around corner
friday is right around corner
Have a wonderful Day
Have a wonderful Day
I am ready for friday
I am ready for friday
I would kiss friday if it had a face
I would kiss friday if it had a face
it's friday
it’s friday
Day of Happiness is called friday
Day of Happiness is called friday

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