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We have gathered 99 Names of Allah with their Meanings and in English Wording. This includes Ar Rahman, Ar Raheem, Al Malik, Al Quddus and 95 others.

Download Download 99 Names of Allah

Allah SWT

Allah (SWT) is the Creator of this Universe. He is the creator of all Seven Earths and Seven Skies. He created the Oceans and Mountains, Sun and Moon, Human being, Up to 18000 Creatures which includes, Fishes, Animals, Insects, Birds etc.

He is Providing to Food to all the creatures. One Who daily eats fresh Meat Allah is providing Fresh meat to them, Who Drinks Fresh Blood, Allah is providing them with Fresh Blood. Allah is the responsible for providing food to all the creaturs.

Allah SWT is the Owner of Everything. Nothing can move without Allah’s Permission. Even a leaf falls from tree on the Will of Allah and Allah also decides whether this leave will fall from front side or backside.

99 Names of Allah SWT

99 Names of Allah

There are 99 Names of Allah SWT in Quran Pak. We have gathered all the 99 Names of Allah with meanings and in Arabic as well. This list includes Ar Rahman, Ar Raheem, Al Malik, Al Qudoors, As Salam, Al Mu’min, Al Muhaymin, Al Aziz, Al Jabbar, All Jabbar and 90 others.

99 Names of Allah with Meanings

S.NoAllah NamesMeaningاللہ کے نامنمبر
1Ar RahmanThe Most Graciousالرحمن1
2Ar RaheemThe Most Mercifulالرحيم2
3Al MalikThe Kingالملك3
4Al QuddusThe Most Holyالقدوس4
5As SalamThe Ultimate Provider of Peaceالسلام5
6Al Mu’minThe Guardian of Faithالمؤمن6
7Al MuhayminThe Guardian, the Preserverالمهيمن7
8Al AzizThe Almighty, the Self Sufficientالعزيز8
9Al JabbaarThe Compellerالجبار9
10Al MutakabbirThe Dominant oneالْمُتَكَبِّرُ10
11Al KhaaliqThe Creatorالخالق11
12Al BaariThe Makerالبارئ12
13Al MusawwirThe Fashioner of Formsالمصور13
14Al GhaffaarThe Ever-Forgivingالغفار14
15Al QahhaarThe All Subduerالقهار15
16Al WahhaabThe Bestowerالوهاب16
17Ar RazzaaqThe Ever-Providing, The Sustainerالرزاق17
18Al FattaahThe Ultimate Judge, The Opener of All Portals, the Victory Giverالفتاح18
19Al AlimThe All-Knowing, the Omniscientالعليم19
20Al QaabidhThe Restrainer, the Straightenerالقابض20
21Al BaasitThe Expander, the Munificentالباسط21
22Al KhaafidhThe Abaser, The Demeanorالخافض22
23Ar Raafi’The Exalterالرافع23
24Al Mu’izzThe Giver of Honourالمعز24
25Al MuzilThe Giver of Dishonorالمذل25
26As Sami’The All-Hearingالسميع26
27Al BasirThe All-Seeingالبصير27
28Al HakamThe Judge, the Ultimate Arbiterالحكم28
29Al ‘AdlThe Utterly Justالعدل29
30Al LatifThe Kindاللطيف30
31Al KhabirThe All-Awareالخبير31
32Al HalimThe Forbearer, The Indulgentالحليم32
33Al-‘AdheemThe Magnificent, the Infiniteالعظيم33
34Al GhafurThe All-Forgivingالغفور34
35Ash ShakurThe Gratefulالشكور35
36Al AliThe Sublimely Exaltedالعلي36
37Al KabirThe Greatالكبير37
38Al HafidhThe Preserver, The Protectorالحفيظ38
39Al MuqitThe Nourisherالمقيت39
40Al HasibThe Reckonerالحسيب40
41Al JalilThe Majesticالجليل41
42Al KarimThe Bountiful, the Generousالكريم42
43Ar RaqibThe Watchfulالرقيب43
44Al MujibThe Responsive, the Answererالمجيب44
45Al Wasi’The Vast, the All Encompassingالواسع45
46Al HakimThe Wiseالحكيم46
47Al WadudThe Loving, the Kind Oneالودود47
48Al MajidThe All Gloriousالمجيد48
49Al Ba’ithThe Raiser of the Deadالباعث49
50Ash ShaheedThe Witnessالشهيد50
51Al HaqqThe Truth, the Realالحق51
52Al WakilThe Trustee, the Dependableالوكيل52
53Al QawiyyThe Strongالقوي53
54Al MateenThe Firm, the Steadfastالمتين54
55Al WaliThe Protecting Friend, Patron, and Supporterالولي55
56Al HamiduThe All Praise Worthyالحميد56
57Al MuhsiThe Accounter, The Numberer of Allالمحصي57
58Al MubdiThe Producer, Originator, and Initiator of allالمبدئ58
59Al Mu’idThe Reinstater Who Brings Back Allالمعيد59
60Al MuhyiThe Giver of Lifeالمحيي60
61Al MumitThe Bringer of Death, the Destroyerالمميت61
62Al HayyThe Ever Livingالحي62
63Al QayyumThe Self Subsisting Sustainer of Allالقيوم63
64Al WaajidThe Perceiver, the Finder, the Unfailingالواجد64
65Al MaajidThe Illustrious, the Magnificentالماجد65
66Al WaahidThe One, the All Inclusive, the Indivisibleالواحد66
67Al AhadThe One, the Indivisibleالاحد67
68As SamadThe Everlasting,The Eternal Refugeالصمد68
69Al QaadirThe All-Capable, The Most Able, The Most Powerfulالقادر69
70Al MuqtadirThe All Determiner, the Dominantالمقتدر70
71Al MuqaddimThe Expediter, He who brings forwardالمقدم71
72Al Mu’akhkhirThe Delayer, He who brings backwardsالمؤخر72
73Al AwwalThe Firstالأول73
74Al AakhirThe Lastالآخر74
75Az DhaahirThe Manifest; the All Victoriousالظاهر75
76Al BaatinThe Hidden; the All Encompassingالباطن76
77Al WaaliThe Patronالوالي77
78Al Muta’aliThe Self Exaltedالمتعالي78
79Al BarrThe Most Kind and Righteousالبر79
80At TawwaabThe Ever-Pardoning, Ever Relentingالتواب80
81Al MuntaqimThe Avengerالمنتقم81
82Al ‘AfuwwThe Pardoner, The Forgiverالعفو82
83Ar Ra’ufThe Clement, The Compassionate, The All-Pityingالرؤوف83
84Malik Al MulkThe Owner of All Sovereigntyمالك الملك84
85Dhual Jalal wa Al IkramThe Lord of Majesty and Generosityذو الجلال و الإكرام85
86Al MuqsitThe Equitable, the Requiterالمقسط86
87Al Jaami’The Gatherer, the Unifierالجامع87
88Al GhaniThe All Rich, the Independentالغني88
89Al MughniThe Enricher, the Emancipatorالمغني89
90Al Mani’The Withholder, the Shielder, the Defenderالمانع90
91Ad DharrThe Distresserالضآر91
92An Nafi’The Propitious, the Benefactorالنافع92
93An NurThe Lightالنور93
94Al HadiThe Guideالهادي94
95Al Badi’iIncomparable, the Originatorالبديع95
96Al BaaqiThe Ever Enduring and Immutableالباقي96
97Al WaarithThe Heir, the Inheritor of Allالوارث97
98Ar RashidThe Guide, Infallible Teacher, and Knowerالرشيد98
99Al SaboorThe Forbearing, The Patientالصبور99

99 Names of Allah (Video)

99 Names of Allah by Atif Aslam
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